hi i'm tama and i unwillingly collect mental problems. i have a lot of fun hobbies including carrd making, mmd, figure collecting, and other things.


i am a fictive of orihara izaya. i kin tanuma kaname, hifumin, and kaoru & shu enstars. idc about doubles but if u kin izaya or tanuma don't follow.

my special interests are durarara and computers:) i am hyperfixated on natsuyuu, szs, saiki k, and criminal minds! i'm also into vocaloid, hypmic, enstars, p5 and psychology.


i LOVE natsume takashi :3 he's my ult cc and he means the world to me. i also love itoshiki nozomu and saiki kusuo!!

other faves: shizuo and izaya, souma, matenrou, rocchi, yusuke ryuji, reid, morgan, hotch, garcia, rossi, ranpo

dfi you're -15 or +30, you have a problem with my friends, you get into drama often, or you're just a weird person.


i won't fb if you don't have a carrd/listo, or if we don't share common interests. i also block liberally, don't take it personally.